OBH Helmet-Share solution is released for pre-sale!

After months of development and testing, the patented OBH Helmet-Share is market-ready!
Presales are now available. Now is the best time for shared mobility providers to experiment
with our product, and to take advantage of early-bird prices.
Overall, the On-Board Helmet concept:
– Satisfies city and user safety needs
– Is user friendly
– Minimizes operator maintenance costs
– Is environmentally friendly

The mounting base provides easy and secured helmet access

 – Easy to use: the outboard locking mechanism is easy to use and puts the helmet in full view, encouraging users to wear it.

– Secure helmet access: Helmet theft is a concern. The patented locking mechanism instantly detects when the helmet is secured to its mount, reliably letting the user know that his trip has ended and eliminating replacement costs for the operator.

Our built-in API makes fleet management easy for the operators

Simple and easy software integration

Optimal helmet management by tracking helmet condition in real-time

We provide an API tool that allows operators to easily control and monitor their helmet fleets. For example, real-time visualization of each helmet’s status lets the operator know when the helmet needs to be replaced.

A helmet specially designed for shared use


Promote low environmental impact and the circular economy of the solution among cities: we can take back all the well-worn helmets for recycling. They are easy to disassemble, and their mono-material eco-design makes our helmets 100% recyclable.

Easy to clean

Save operator time and money via low-cost maintenance: operational teams require less than 15 seconds to clean and inspect the helmet efficiently.


Supply a hygienic helmet : we use antimicrobial technology that allows the helmet to naturally kill surface microbes and bacteria.

Our one-size-fits-all helmets have an iconic, unisex design. Operators can customize their orders by choosing preferred colors and personalized logos to mark their brand.

Compatible with bike-share services as well:

The OBH solution is not limited to scooters. They can be mounted to bicycles, for which helmet safety is also important. Inquiries for custom solutions are welcome.

Compatible with bike-share services as well:

We have started a pre-sale campaign. We are conducting live demos and taking preorders.

The presale is a great opportunity to experiment with the solution with minimal risk:

– Early-bird discounts starting from 70 €/module (mounting base + helmet +API) are now available. (Further reductions are possible with orders exceeding 100 units or more)

– you can pre-order now with 20% deposit and pay the rest in 6 months when the helmets are delivered.

Additionally, all hardware and software integration costs are free of charge and supported by us.

If you are interested, contact us !

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